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StoryPulse & ForestRim

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Mine your Online/Offline Reviews

Customers leave valuable comments either on Google or Yelp or even within the store. While the number of stars or a rating scale give you an idea, they seldom tell you want the problem is and It is good for any business to exactly know where to improve and what issues are customers unhappy about. These valuable insights are hidden in comments in the form of unstructured text which is hard for businesses to understand and keep track of as number of comments grow over time. The integration between StoryPulse and ForestRim give you actionable insights that can transform your business.

Sentiment Over Time

Google/Yelp reviews help you capture comments online. However, businesses need a way to understand how the sentiment is over a period of time across various dimensions such as ambiance, food etc. StoryPulse & ForestRim can help you understand these trends over time.


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