Sales Leaders can empower teams with Dynamic Assessments and Content to move towards Consultative Selling Models.

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Content & Assessments

Sales Teams need to ensure that the right stakeholders are trained at the Hospital/Clinic/Spa. Then, they need to capture the attendance and signatures for each individual and synchronize the information with back-end systems such as Salesforce. StoryPulse automates this process and improves productivity in the field. Attendance and signatures can be captured for trainee and pushed into Salesforce.

Dynamic Rules

Administrators can create forms (custom HTML and CSS) and upload forms into the administrative interface. Then, the forms get pushed to StoryPulse Mobile and empower Field Clinical Teams to easily capture information in the field. The forms get converted into Pdf and synchronized to Salesforce as part of the Work Order details.

Automated Scoring & Update of Stages

Sales Operations can define scoring thresholds for the system to automatically update leads from one stage to another based on the scores.

Voice of the Customer

StoryPulse makes it easy to capture Voice of the Customer after the training session so that Field Clinical Teams can assess and improve their processes. Customer specific feedback can be captured online or offline.

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