Independents Sales Representatives

Jeff is a Road Warrior and Independent Sales Rep, who works with multiple manufacturers. Jeff is always on the road, selling multiple product lines to prospective customers

In his dynamic role, Jeff is tasked with educating and engaging potential customers during face-to-face meetings. Jeff can leverage any marketing content like brochures , product catalogues that he receives from manufactures. Read more to learn how StoryPulse empowers reps to make customer interactions impactful

StoryPulse empowers independent reps to conduct meaningful customer engagements. With StoryPulse, Jeff transforms each customer interaction into an engaging and enlightening experience.

Jeff’s Journey

Empowers reps for engaging interactions

Use Case

Content Management

Reps needs to organize marketing content received from manufacturers. StoryPulse allows Reps to seamlessly upload and organize marketing content like product catalogs, brochures, and other materials within the platform

Customer Engagement

Reps are always on the road to meet customers in person, where they need to educate and engage with customers. StoryPulse is designed to be accessible on mobile devices, enabling Reps to conduct engaging and informative product presentations on the go. Rep can easily leverage interactive elements like videos, 3D models , product catalogues etc. to effectively communicate the value of the products they represent.

Voice of the Customer

After presenting the product information, Reps seeks customer feedback to tailor his offerings to their needs. StoryPulse makes it easy to capture customer feedback and insights. Reps can use tailored surveys to gather information that helps tailor their sales approach and product recommendations.

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