Field Clinical Trainers

Carol is a Field Clinical Trainer. She needs to complete complex paperwork after training End-Users in the field. Read more to learn how StoryPulse  can improve productivity, help her train better and stay compliant.

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In many industries such as MedTech, Field Clinical Teams train End-Users to complete complex papaerwork once their in-person training is complete and synchronize the forms with Salesforce or other CRM platforms. Our technology streamlines this processes and significantly improves the productivity of Field Clinical Teams.


Attendance & Signatures

Field Clinical Trainers need to ensure that the right stakeholders are trained at the Hospital/Clinic/Spa. Then, they need to capture the attendance and signatures for each individual and synchronize the information with back-end systems such as Salesforce. StoryPulse automates this process and improves productivity in the field. Attendance and signatures can be captured for trainee and pushed into Salesforce.

Custom Paperwork

Administrators can create forms (custom HTML and CSS) and upload forms into the administrative interface. Then, the forms get pushed to StoryPulse Mobile and empower Field Clinical Teams to easily capture information in the field. The forms get converted into pdf and synchronized to Salesforce as part of the Work Order details.

Automatic Certificate Generation

Once the training is complete, StoryPulse automatically generates the certificates and synchronizes them with Salesforce and emails the certificates to the respective trainees. This significantly reduces the administrative effort.

Voice of the Customer

StoryPulse makes it easy to capture Voice of the Customer after the training session so that Field Clinical Teams can assess and improve their processes. Customer specific feedback can be captured online or offline.


The data and forms are seamlessly synchronized with your CRM platforms such as Salesforce. The data captured in the field is required for audit and compliance purposes at a later point in time. In case, there is no CRM platform, we can upload the data sets into a cloud platform or on-premise system of your choice.

Flexible User Interface

Using an admin interface, StoryPulse can be configured to show the right User Interfaces to thee right people. 


Account Synchronization from Salesforce

Consent Form Synchronization to the Account/Contact record in Salesforce

Contact Synchronization from Salesforce

Complete Flexibility

Custom Themes

Services to create Custom Forms

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