Educators Learning Training

Innovative Educators need affordable tools to design courses and distribute them to learners so that learners can learn Online or Offline on Web or Mobile Devices. Read more to learn how you can empower learners with right content and assessments to help them enjoy their learning process.


In many industries scuh as MedTech, Field Clinical Teams train End-Users need to complete complex papaerwork once their in-person training is complete and synchronize the forms with Salesforce or other CRM platforms. Our technology streamlines this processes and significantly improves the productivity of Field Clinical Teams.


Content Publishing

Educators can publish their courses/content and associate them to specific roles. Only users with the designated roles can view the content, take assesments etc.

Mobile Enablement

On the learning front, learners can use desktops or mobile devices to consume the content, learn and complete the quizzes. The content and assessments/quizzes are available online or offline.

Gamification & Badging

Once the training is complete, StoryPulse automatically generates the certificates and synchronizes them with Salesforce and emails the certificates to the respective trainees. This significantly reduces the administrative effort.

Voice of the Learner

StoryPulse makes it easy to capture Voice of the Customer after the learning session so that Educators can assess and improve their processes. Learner specific insights/analytics will be made available to the educators.


Account Synchronization from Salesforce

Consent Form Synchronization to the Account/Contact record in Salesforce

Contact Synchronization from Salesforce

Complete Flexibility

Custom Themes

Services to create Custom Forms

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