Empowering Brand Managers to enable Sales Teams to assess, educate and engage Customers.


Brand Managers in Retail, Life Sciences and other industries need to be able to capture Voice of the Customer directly or through Sales Teams who are constantly in touch with the customers virtually or in person. StoryPulse empowers Brand Managers to design and deliver assessments based on customer segments, capture structured and unstructured feedback and analyze the information using popular Business Intelligence Tools.


Educating Customers/Prospects

Brand Managers can create content that is specific to the customer’s journey and publish it so that sales teams can access the content on their mobile devices to educate customers For example, if an opportunity is in the “Prospect” stage, content related to “About Us” might be more relevant than a case study. Similarly, as the opportunity progresses and is ready for the next discussion, then, content specific to the industry or a case study might be more applicable. Using StoryPulse, Brand Managers can manage the life cycle of content using a dynamic Rules Engine.

Assessing Customers/Prospects

Using StoryPulse, Brand Managers can design assessments and quizzes to understand the Voice of the Customer across channels. As an example, A Sales Rep can flip open an iPad and dynamically launch the assessment that is apt based on the customer segment. Once the feedback is captured, the insights are seamless synchronized with Salesforce or other CRM Platforms of choice. The assessments can be in basic or in advanced formats using custom Quizzes and Games.

Sales Enablement through Gamification & Games

Using StoryPulse, Brand Managers can publish Sales Training Material. to the field. Sales Teams can consume the content, complete their training and insights are automatically recorded and available to the Brand Managers.

Voice of the Customer – Qualitative

StoryPulse is integrated with Forest Rim Technologies, a pioneer in analyzing Unstructured Data. Using this Brand Managers can gather insights from unsolicited feedback in the field such as websites, comments etc.


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Contact Synchronization from Salesforce

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