Engage customers or employees with Real Time Polling

Real Time engagement

Given COVID and more virtual interactions, there is a need to keep employees and customers engaged in real time. Using the Live Poll module, team leads, HR professionals and other leadership personnel can get real time feedback from various stakeholders. 


Enterprise: Employee & Customer Engagement

At large industry specific events, potential or existing customers flock by your booths. It is important for brands to be able to capture and understand the customers so that next steps can be identified. For example, based on the customer assessment at the booth, a case study or a whitepaper may have to be sent to the customer.  StoryPulse empowers brands to deliver delightful assessments to the customers, capture useful insights, present beautiful content (case studies/white papers) and later share the content with them. This capability works in both online and offline modes.

Education: Real-time Feedback on Learning

Across many industries, it is important for brands to do longitudinal studies of their customers to understand changes in perception. As an example, a physician might be prescribing a drug “D1” from a brand “B1”. However, over time, there new studies or changes in competitive information could change the physician’s perception of the current brand B1 due to which  the physician may switch to a competitive product. Brand B1 should constantly measure such changes so that corrective actions can be taken. StoryPulse can help brands deliver customer specific assessments to gather insights on behavioral changes. 

Sales Events

Have you ever thought about making assessments more interesting? Your customers may be tired of looking at the same old question types and routine ways of presenting information. StoryPulse empowers brands to deliver custom games that can not only help deliver surveys but educate the customers about brand specific issues.

Real Time Quizzes

Research shows that if gamification techniques are properly applied, they can improve the response rates in surveys/assessments. Using StoryPulse, assessments can be delivered as quizzes that can better engage your customers.


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